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The Foggy Notions Production Team

Kyle Hodgkinson

Kyle was born and raised in the Dallas, Texas area and currently lives in Richardson, Texas.

While pursuing a BA in Fine Arts and Theater he directed and performed in various one act plays, three act plays and musicals. Kyle left college, for the money of computer sciences. Bored of computer work, he opened and operated a successful night club in the Deep Ellum area of Dallas with two life long friends, Scott Noack and Greg Wylie. After closing the nightclub, Kyle was Owner/CEO of several top-selling CD Warehouse franchise stores. When the franchise was sold, Kyle sold all of his stores and again went back to computer science. Currently, he co-owns IT-Outsourcing, L.L.C and IT for Film, L.L.C., Business Technology Companies with clients in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, Iowa and California.

Although the money is good in computer sciences, Film and Theatre is his passion. Recently, Kyle has registered Foggy Notions Unlimited as an LLC, which in the first year, bought the rights for the play 'Remember The Red River Valley' and had it rewritten for the screen. In August of 2005, 'Remember The Red River Valley' was shot as a R&D project prior to the Directing Foggy Notions Unlimited first feature length film, Dusk.

Kyle lives with his wife Madeleine, their two dogs, Maggie and Toni, their cat Ace and is expecting their first child (a son) in February 2008.

Brinda Curley

Brinda is a native Texan and currently resides in Volk Estates in University Park, Texas.

She is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas with a major in Accounting. Brinda is the Controller at Curley Insurance Group and has 18 years of diverse experience. As a controller, Brinda has a proven history of possessing the aptitude for accounting practices, audit, and an understanding of industry standards and procedures. She has the ability to work with clients (internal and external) to coordinate project flow and to meet deadlines. Her professionalism assures the highest level of ethics and personal performance. Brinda works enthusiastically to meet or exceed the stated goals of every aspect of her life. Attention to detail and accountability are her expertise and serves as Executive Producer for the film, Dusk.

Brinda’s first priority is her three children, Kevin, Kathleen and Conor. She also enjoys traveling, reading and The Arts.

Greg Wylie

Born in Oklahoma, but fortunately raised in Texas, Greg currently resides in beautiful downtown Burbank, CA.

Greg is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. He has applied his B.A. in English into operating a successful nightclub with Kyle Hodgkinson and Scott Noack. He has held the title of Chief Financial Planner for a $500mm bank holding company and he has held the title of CFO for a company that owned several top-selling CD Warehouse franchise stores where he was also responsible for developing the advertising campaigns for the national chain.

He relocated to California to pursue his career in the entertainment industry where he is currently Director, Creative Services for Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution. Greg has recently shot his directorial debut with the short film 'Remember The Red River Valley' for Foggy Notions Unlimited, as will has the Associate Producer for the film 'Dusk'. He enjoys fencing on the weekends.

Greg makes his home in Burbank, California with his wife Sarina and expecting their first child in February 2008, baby Xena.

Click here to read Warner Brother's press release for Greg.


Scott Noack

Raised in Texas, Scott Noack now resides in Los Angeles. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in film, concentrating on screenwriting. He has written numerous short stories, a dozen screenplays and was a quarter finalist in the Creative Screenwriting Competition.

Although he was raised on Raiders of the Lost Ark and Star Wars, he feels that many stories can be told on a smaller scale – and that a smaller budget doesn’t mean “a cheap movie.” He has pitched projects, including a ground-breaking interactive DVD movie-game to such companies as DreamWorks and Universal Television. Scott is the writer for the film, 'Dusk' for Foggy Notions Unlimited.

Scott spends his days in the Marketing Department for Universal Studios Home Entertainment and lives with his wife Ida, his adopted son Jake, daughter Stephanie and their two dogs, Elvis and Ginger.

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