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From Our Mind to Your Screen

Foggy Notions Unlimited is a full service motion picture production company with offices in Dallas, TX and Los Angeles, CA.

Foggy Notions Unlimited was born when lifelong friends Kyle Hodgkinson and Scott Noack filmed their first projects in Junior High School. Scott was responsible for naming their team Foggy Notions Unlimited as well as the story ideas. Scott then met Greg Wylie while in High School and having the same interests, Greg became a core member of Foggy Notions Unlimited.

Over the years, this team has revisited their passion with many successful entertainment and business ventures as well as creating and producing numerous radio, print and TV media campaigns. They have continued to operate both as a team and individually with various companies including Twentieth Century Fox Television, CD Warehouse, Warner Brothers Domestic Television Distribution, Third Ear Productions and Universal Pictures Home Video.

Foggy Notions Unlimited is registered as an LLC and bought the rights for the play 'Remember The Red River Valley', had it rewritten for the screen and filmed as a R&D project.

In 2007, Foggy Notions Unlimited added the contributions of Brinda Curley as CFO for her extensive financial background and her true love of the arts.

Since 1980 the Foggy Notions Unlimited team has accumulated a combined experience of 59 years in the entertainment and media industries.

Productions currently include 'Dusk' now in Post-Production, 'Promise' a TV series premiering 2008 and in development,'The Elevator Method'; a short film adaptation of the radio play and .

The common bond of the Foggy Notions Unlimited production team is their passion for film.

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